Visualizing Makes An Effective Weight Loss Tool

Visualizing For Weight Loss

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I remember a TV commercial from a couple of years ago showing a woman as she rushes along with a doughnut in her hand, and each bite she was eating caused her buttocks to grow bigger and out of proportion. Finally, and only with great effort, would she squeeze her body through the revolving stops to enter the subway station and still catch her train.

In Keeping The Weight Off Strategy

It really doesn’t take much imagination to visualize the damaging effects of a doughnut or other simple sugar treats to our body, such as blood sugar spikes and the cravings that follow.

So, for keeping the weight off strategically, we’ll be using the idea of the ad depicting a woman growing significantly bigger, by eating while she’s rushing to the subway station. Picturing our own waist belt vastly expending – while biting into a sugary food – might, after all, deter us from finishing the snack.

Better yet, let’s try it in real time, like when we are sitting on the couch relaxing, watching TV, then reaching for the chocolate bar on the table, eating a piece or two. Now we close the eyes and visualize the stomach bulge with FAT CELLS for each empty calorie swallowed. Being mindful of what can happen allows us some time to choose, when otherwise we would have acted on impulse alone and possibly devoured the entire chocolate bar, surely setting us up for regret.

But there is another way to visualize. If it is not a dire situation to combat immediate appetites, such as previously described, we can focus on the body image we desire and on the things we must do to get there.

When You Visualize Your Best You

Again, visualizing oneself growing into an unsightly blimp is likely to keep people from grabbing a doughnut on the way to work the next day.

Yet, instead of buying into the smart ad, we could use its’ idea to visualize on how we will look like in the future, but for the better.

For example, we can ask “How will I feel in only one week if I allow myself the time each morning to spread some Philadelphia cheese onto a slice of whole grain bread, top it off with strawberry yam and serve it to myself with a glass of juice, milk, tea or coffee?”. And yes, this healthy breakfast idea is just meant as an example.

Further more, we can ask “Will I grow stronger if I take the five flights up the stairs to the office instead of taking the elevator?”

Although, despite that we’re already foreseeing the pain in the legs and shortage of breath suffered, when arriving at the third floor, feeling weak, but also extremely HAPPY.

Then, after day 3 we know that our body is able to climb the stairs and we now feel the strength that keeps carrying us forward to the fourth floor.

Visualizing Human Biology

When using our mind’s eye we can literally watch how our heart pumps quickly as it pushes fresh blood through to the arteries. Blood that’s supplying the nutrients to our organs and fresh oxygen to our brain, fast flowing, flushing away debris which otherwise could clog up our body’s circulatory system. This happens, especially, while we are stepping up toward the fifth floor.

Narrowing In On What You Can Do, Now

Visualizing, as suggested in the ad depicting a doughnut, is a wonderful tool to uncover the possibilities in life as we envision a career path or for managing time or for focusing on weight loss, healthy eating habits, and on a strong body.

No matter which lifestyle feels right for you, may it be walking, or running with the twins pushing a double stroller, or climbing great mountains, or by riding your bike to work or doing a couple of PUSH Ups here and then, or cooking more often. Just IMAGINE and you’re on your way…

What’s right or wrong with my picture? Please comment and share your thoughts and experiences with us :)

Dee blogs about healthy nutrition and the various ways to include exercise in to our lives.

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Dee Wilson

Dee blogs about healthy nutrition and the various ways to include exercise in to our lives.