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Joe Wider Legacy

A legendary figure in bodybuilding, Joe Weider wasn’t born to be strong and muscular, but he was born to be inspired. A skinny boy, born 1919, and growing up on the darker side of Montreal, Joe was beaten and picked on by bullies. Being attacked like this can get quite debilitating and put a person into a mode to run fast from a situation and then trying to avoid it all together. But not so for Joe. Knowing that he needed more strength to fend off his foes, he decided to join the local wrestling team, but was turned down. Paradoxically, because the trainer feared for him to get hurt.

Being denied didn’t deter Joe either to do something to protect himself. Aware of being his best bet to do so, he didn’t look to anyone other then himself. And it took only a moment for him to realize and plan his fate, while looking through a magazine that was picturing people working out, strengthening their bodies. So he walked to the railroad yard to collect metal parts, heavy enough to pump his muscles, lifting iron, literally.

His efforts weren’t unnoticed. By the offenders or the weightlifting club.

“When I saw the gym, saw the guys working out, supporting one another, I was mesmerized,” he recalled.

Joe Weider went on as we knew him. Starting in his teenage years, at age 17, he won his first bodybuilding contest. Success that was followed by the publication of his first magazine “Your Physique”.

Between 1965 and 2003 he headed bodybuilding events, starting with the Mr. Olympia competition. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won the Mr. Olympia title seven times breaking the record, became one of his closest friends he generously supported and inspired. Without Joe Weider, we wouldn’t have “Hercules in New York,” the film as we know it or the movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator, who later went on to become the governor of California.

It just amazes me how events influence our lives, bad or good. And with a little creativity we can make a huge difference, in not just our own life, but in the lives we touch as well. Joe is a great example of this.

Joe Weider, a legendary figure in bodybuilding who helped popularize the sport worldwide and played a key role in introducing a charismatic young weightlifter named Arnold Schwarzenegger to the world, died Saturday. He was 93.

Dee blogs about healthy nutrition and the various ways to include exercise in to our lives.

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Dee blogs about healthy nutrition and the various ways to include exercise in to our lives.