Employees Think Better When They Get To Exercise

Healthy Employees Think Better…

So, you want to exercise, and when you are trying to add it to your daily regimen you are feeling clueless; but still, you keep wondering on how to make the time for it. Certainly, you are not alone. For many a dilemma that wouldn’t arise if daily exercise was a task already tied to the hours they work in. As productive people are usually healthy people, they are capable to influence company growth. Thus, providing the means that can foster fitness activities among employees should entice any employer.

A fitness friendly workplace doesn’t need to succumb a drastic makeover that is expensive. Improvements can be slight, such as allotting break time more effectively, installing a basket ball hoop in the company’s parking lot, or providing a mobile phone app that measures a person’s physical activity and progression while exercising.

If you are already working out regularly then most likely you also feeling healthy, physically and mentally, and are able to solve personal or professional challenges easier than if you didn’t.

The same is true for a company that’s supported by healthy employees, all buzzing with energy, all churning out ideas, each one succeeding.

A great model is Google Inc.. Not only is the company known for inventing search and the driver-less Google car but also for reinventing workspace. Workspace that’s designed to allow staff to move freely, throw a ball, or take a quick run on the treadmill. After all, Google knows that people think better when they get to exercise.

The Fitness Coach That Fits In The Pocket

Using technology, such as the ‘BlackBerry Smart Phones Exercise Mobile App’, can help engage an entire workplace to participate in fitness activities. It’s like having a fitness coach in your pocket. Activities can be measured, increased, and evaluated. For some people a stroll around the block will do; others may prefer to pedal their bike to the office, all 5 miles of it.

Keep Track Drop More Pounds

People who keep track of their weight drop more pounds than with diet and exercise alone. Studies have been done to prove it. Know your goal. Set your App, and begin to receive suggestions to help reach your goal.

No matter which fitness activity is performed, a person will burn calories and easily record them with the Fitness Tracker. Since the Fitness Tracker has a simple interface, one can use it on upgraded cell phones like the BlackBerry Q10 without sacrificing battery life or bandwidth. This $3 app also allows users to upload their information from the app onto a website to follow and evaluate the details of their progress over a period of time.

Another app for the phone that helps track fitness is Runtastic. A runner’s or biker’s activities are mapped via GPS. Easy graphs show terrain fluctuations, pace, speed and heart rate.

Special Fast Food Calorie Counter App

If most of your employees make a bee-line for George’s in Virginia Highland or the Vortex Bar And Grill during lunchtime, showing them the calories that a burger or taco provides may make some reconsider their first choice and they will order the grilled chicken salad instead. Some 6,000 menu items are accessible in the Fast Food Calorie Counter, including advanced nutritional information about carbohydrates and fats, so that anyone can choose a lower-impact meal without sacrificing their favorites.

With a little ingenuity on both ends, the employer’s and employee’s, daily exercise could become a vital part of everyone’s busy work schedule.

Mike Pace

Mike opened his first CrossFit gym in 2011 and works with new clients every day. He loves to write about healthy living and anything fitness related.

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Mike Pace

Mike opened his first CrossFit gym in 2011 and works with new clients every day. He loves to write about healthy living and anything fitness related.