Colonix Review: A Better Alternative To Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Do You Really Need To Cleanse Your Colon From Parasites?

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Before presenting my review on the “Colonix” cleanse system, we should question the validity of a colon cleanse. After all, being human we strive to keep control over our health and if necessary, quickly take matters into our own hands. Granted, the feel of being bloated and heavy around the girdle can grow quite uncomfortable and certainly demands action. Even perhaps a treatment involving colonic hydrotherapy. A type of colon cleanse more commonly known as enema. But undergoing any type of colon cleanse for the mere purpose of preventing ailments is something to be critical of.

This “auto-intoxication” hypothesis is based on medical beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks and was discredited in the early 20th century. Source:

In fact, for most people, practicing good digestive health is sufficient enough. Consuming soluble and insoluble fiber found in whole foods such as vegetables, fruit, nuts and grains, like oatmeal, and fermented foods for beneficial bacteria, such as yogurt or sauerkraut, should assure a smooth running digestive system.

Still, some people will do more, believing that the accumulation of feces clinging to the walls of the large intestines harbor parasites and other pathogens. Culprits which could be causing a multitude of ailments. Ailments, they believe, they’d experience if a cleanse is not done, such as a colonic, either in form of hydrotherapy or orally administered.

 But is a colon cleanse really effective? Medical professionals say no and warn against it. For a healthy immune system is inherently equipped to deal with their offenders before they can threaten your health. No matter how deep they sit within your digestive tract.  

Yet – Natural Health Professionals…

Despite the opinion of many medical professionals, natural health professionals may rave about the health benefits that a colonic can do for the body.

So, If A Colonic is Your Choice…

If a colonic is your choice, after doing your research and weighing in the points above, but you hate the thought of letting someone else insert a tube into your rectum, then you might want to consider a colonic that’s taken orally. Such as dietary fiber, herbs, supplements, or laxatives – or the other colonic the Colonix program. Purchased by over 2 million people it’s trusted by many.

Colonix Review: The Other Colonic

DrNatura’s Colonix program promises to give users the same benefits of a colonic but through the form of a KleriTea, fiber powder and a herbal supplement. The formula is completely free of unnatural processed junk and it is 100% vegan. Those behind DrNatura claim this blend meets the requirements for “an optimal, all natural cleanse”. The program geared toward those wishing to cleanse for 90, 60 or 30 days.

The Colonix program is to be followed daily with a herbal supplement in the morning, fiber powder mixed with 8oz of water and the caffeine free KleriTea before bed. DrNatura does say to cut down on the tea after 5 days to once every other day or more. This program along with a healthy diet heavy on fruits and vegetables along with 8 glasses of water per day is what DrNatura says will lead you to your goal of having a clean colon. If you have questions or need help with the cleanse customer support is available by phone 5 days a week.

Risk Factors Involved With the Colon Cleanse:

The company offers a 60 day money back guarantee as long as the containers are sent back. This system seems to be pretty popular with those who cleanse their colons however there are risk factors that go along with the cleanse. Children, those with kidney problems, those who are pregnant, nursing and those with significant health problems should never be on a cleansing program in the first place. Those with soy or wheat allergies should avoid DrNatura’s Colonix as well.

The Danger When Taking Senna, A Laxative, Exceeding Two Weeks:

The KleriTea in the program may also be of some concern. After doing a little digging it was found that KleriTea contains senna. Senna is a popular FDA approved over the counter laxative. However if senna is used for more than two weeks the bowels can actually stop functioning and cause electrolytes in the blood to become off balance. This can lead to heart function disorders and liver damage among other things. However, this is only with use over the recommended two weeks. DrNatura’s Colonix system calls for the tea to be used for 5 days consecutively going to every other day or more after the initial 5 days of use.

Overall DrNatura’s Colonix seems to be one of the better natural systems available for colon cleansing. It is all natural and vegan. The lack of processed, lab created substances is definitely a positive. Of course the decision to do a cleanse or not is a deeply personal decision that should not be made without much thought and research. As always it is best to check with your doctor before starting any program.

Dee blogs about healthy nutrition and the various ways to include exercise in to our lives.

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Dee blogs about healthy nutrition and the various ways to include exercise in to our lives.