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Keeping a balanced diet chart is not only a method to combat obesity and disease, but also a great weight loss tool. The following resources can help you customize and implement a diet plan that is right for you and your family:

  • Low Carb and High Protein Diet Charts for Creating Your Own Weight Loss Plan:
    A thorough article which provides low carb diet charts and compares various high protein/low carb charts, including the three phases of atkins, and the zone diet.
  • Diet chart for pregnant women « Writing from KitchenNew moms-to-be should plan their diet in such a way that they consume a healthy and balanced diet. Include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, and increase protein and vitamin consumption, particularly Folic acid and iron supplements. As always, consult with your physician…
  • Balanced Diet Pie Chart Come and check out this weight loss diet forum where you can find lots of info about a Balanced Diet Pie Chart. They have plenty of dieters from around the globe who openly share their diet plans and they …

Start with creating your own balanced diet chart by choosing healthy foods that you and your family enjoy from the various categories:

  • protein
  • vegetable
  • whole grain
  • fruit

Your protein can come from soy products, milk products such as cottage cheese,yogurt, or low fat milk, fish, beef, chicken, or beans. For veggies, start off with green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, salad… actually the sky is the limit…

Eat your carrots, good for vision… go to the Super Market and see what’s in season right now. Choose whole wheat for breads, pasta and cooking and baking… Fruit, again see what’s in season. To lose weight fast, choose low energy density fruit (ED within a range of 0.2 – 0.6)… Opt for small portions six times daily to limit snacking….

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Dee blogs about healthy nutrition and the various ways to include exercise in to our lives.

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Dee blogs about healthy nutrition and the various ways to include exercise in to our lives.