Add Onion To Chocolate And Your Friends Will Want You To Try It…

Kick Your Chocolate Habit For Good

onion and cheese chocolate bar

Onion Chocolate and Cheese?

If you are a chocoholic the newest chocolate craze might just want you kick the habit. Instead of nuts and raisins, a chocolate maker added onions and cheese for taste.

I’m not sure what the Irish company had in mind when mixing onion and cheese with chocolate. Anyway, It definitely can turn out to be the next best thing in DIET food. Naturally turning off the chocolatey sweet craving beast that’s deeply hidden within the hypothalamus of our brain.

A good thing if you’d prefer to choose your food wisely instead of devouring everything indiscriminately.

One thing is certain, until they came out with their limited edition face cringing onion chocolate flavor, not many people past Dublin have heard of the Tayto company.

A culinary move which probably wouldn’t have worked for that company before our many Facebook friends.

Irish food company Tayto has created a cheese and onion flavored chocolate bar, Metro reports, and the firm has already sold out of the first 100,000 bars.

The brand says these are “limited-edition,” but we’re sure they will make a comeback eventually given the social media craze. Almost 10,000 fans shared the Tayto chocolate photo on Facebook, and in Australia, MSN reports that thousands of Irish expats tried to get their hands on the 24 being raffled off.

Surely not. Yet we love conversation and we’re happy to share uncommonly strange tasting foods with friends. Would that include squid or worms ?

For me, I must get my hands on this chocolate so I can kick the habit for good :)

Dee blogs about healthy nutrition and the various ways to include exercise in to our lives.

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Dee blogs about healthy nutrition and the various ways to include exercise in to our lives.