How Carbohydrates Are Broken Down For Energy

Yes, we should choose our carbs wisely. But for this post you will get an idea on how carbohydrates from foods are converted into glucose or is stored as glycogen. All carbohydrates are broken down into the same molecule, Read more

If You Hate Dieting, Eat Like The French

If you've tried the Leek Broth Recipe 2 DAY CLEANSE,then you'd probably want to know what else has Mireille Guiliano in her book "Why French Women Don't Get Fat" has in mind for you to lose unwanted fat Read more

Fitness Nutrition Plan: A Simple Guide To Exercising and Eating - Step 1

Best things in life are free, as the following Fitness and Nutrition Plan outlined first for myself to lose the body fat I was unable to shed for so long. And I know that losing weight is a struggle Read more

Yogalates? What's That?

Yoga and Pilates are core strengthening exercises good for mind and body and weight loss. Put them together and you get Yogalates or Read more

How to Cut 3500 Calories From Your Diet

...We're going to skip the stuff about colas, sodas, kool-aid, milk-shakes and giant mochas with chocolate syrup. These are no-brainers when it comes to trimming calories from your diet. But, there are a few other points to Read more

Green Smoothie Detox Recipe As Featured On ABC

Here's a recipe for a green detox smoothie featured on ABC this morning. It's supposed to be especially good for cleansing the liver, while the cilantro in particular is thought to help draw heavy metals out of the Read more

When Counting Calories: Do You Really Need that Sports Drink after a Workout?

When Working Out, Make Every Calorie Count, Reach for a Bowl of Whole Grain Cereal, and Cut the Sports Drinks Out :) When starting a new exercise regimen for weight loss, many of us may reach for that Read more

Protein Powder Recipes: A Few Easy Ideas...

Protein powders are an easy way to add more protein to your diet without the added calories from fat. You also don't have to cook! Here's a few different uses for protein supplements that you may not Read more

Water and Weight Loss: The Latest News and Flavoring Your Own Water

A recent study published in the journal Obesity reports that water can, in fact, help weight loss. As if a lot of us couldn't have told them that already, right? But it is nice to have encouragement... Read more

Employees Think Better When They Get To Exercise

Healthy Employees Think Better…

So, you want to exercise, and when you are trying to add it to your daily regimen you are feeling clueless; but still, you keep wondering on how to make the time for it. Certainly, you are not alone. For many a dilemma that wouldn’t arise if daily exercise was a task already tied to the hours they work in. As productive people are usually healthy people, they are capable to influence company growth. Thus, providing the means that can foster fitness activities among employees should entice any employer.

A fitness friendly workplace doesn’t need to succumb a drastic makeover that is expensive. Improvements can be slight, such as allotting break time more effectively, installing a basket ball hoop in the company’s parking lot, or providing a mobile phone app that measures a person’s physical activity and progression while exercising.
Read more

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Shapely Isn’t Bulky – Get Beutiful Arms Using Weights

shapely arms

“I don’t want to get bulky.”

It’s a common reluctance when women entertain the idea of adding weightlifting to their workout. Losing weight and reducing body fat, not packing on muscle, are the usual female fitness goals. But lifting heavy weights and accidentally getting bulky is like reading a book and accidentally earning a PhD. It just doesn’t happen.

The fear of gaining unwanted muscle mass is understandable, especially when we see images of female body builders who look stronger than most men. But these women (allegedly) use performance enhancing drugs to boost testosterone to unnatural levels. A woman who eats right and spends time in the weight room will look nothing like the athletes in body-building competitions. Your body will go through changes, but it could be the best thing to ever happen to your health and fitness.

You Will Get Strong

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Brazilian Butt Workout In A Picture

brazillian butt workout

Here is How To Do The Brazilian Butt Workout

The Brazilian Butt Workout strengthen all of your lower muscle groups at the same time. Further more, this particular exercise is resistance and aerobics training combined. If you don’t believe me now, you will after you feel your heart pounding a bit faster along with each rep.
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Insurance Paid Family Fitness And Weight Loss Camp Possible?

Michelle Obama

Obesity A Disease In The Making?

If being obese means being ill, as declared by the American Medical Association, then if applicable, your doctor can now send you to a fitness weight loss camp. Or, when all else fails, put you under the knife for surgery.

So what brought on the heavy weapon of medical alliance when there is no lack of information for alerting people to the dangers of being overweight or obese according to their BMI. Or how it can affect their health now and in the future. Read more

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Eating And Exercise Plan: And You Can Have Your Carbs Too…

Eating And Exercise Plan For “Choose To Lose” By Chris Powell Part 2

The 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution Eating Plan:

And you can have your carbs too!

The eating plan itself is pretty moderate. He’s not asking you to give up any favorite foods and he doesn’t tell you to stay away from carbs. He asks you to eat a balanced diet with high carb days and low carb days to help keep your body from holding onto fat.

The ability to have a free day or choose free meals on different days is also very valuable. Many people fall off the wagon because they feel they can’t eat what they want.

But with this program, if you need to wait a day you can always have what you want the next day. That keeps you from feeling deprived and allows you to keep going with the program while seeing the results.

We recommend: Just another fat loss solution?

And What About Exercise?

The exercise portion of the program is also balanced and moderate. You’ll work out most days of the week following routines that he has provided you. You can mix and match them to make it work for you.

People who have purchased this book and followed along with the program describe it as easy to adhere to, had great weight loss, and reportedly kept the weight off because they could still enjoy the foods they wanted within the diet guidelines.

What May Not Work for You

weight loss action quote

The science in this book is up to date with what we currently know about eating carbohydrates and building lean muscle mass. There’s nothing out of the ordinary or radical about it – other than how simple it is.

However, some people who have purchased the book report feeling confused about how to get started with the carb cycling. Switching gears so often can be a little bit difficult until you get used to it.

The other complaint is that the book doesn’t have an index like most diet and nonfiction books. This can make it tough if you just want to go back to a specific point for information.

However, this plan is pretty flexible and allows you to have most of the foods you want. And most people who have read the book and tried the program are happy with their choice to do so.

Tools to Help You Succeed:

  • Choose to Lose includes several tools to help you get started with your weight loss. First, it offers a workbook style in the beginning where you can interact with the book. You can record personal information and you can set goals.
  • He includes a master grocery list of items that you should have on hand to help you get started. This is a great tool to copy and take with you to the store. He also has some helpful charts to help you get your plan organized.
  • When it comes to the exercises, you’ll find the section is easy to follow. It includes photos of Powell performing the exercises so that you can make sure to follow the appropriate form. He even shares pictures of what “not” to do.
  • Chapter 15 is particularly helpful for following the plan. It’s a list of foods and recipes. It also includes a helpful tool for determining portion sizes of foods for each meal. You’ll get a better understanding of how much food you should be eating daily.
  • There’s also a sample chart of carb cycling days you could copy and place on the refrigerator to help you stick to the right schedule. There are actually 12 weeks’ worth of schedules so you can stay on track for the long haul.
  • In the appendix, you’ll also find a chart of healthy BMI so that you can determine the range of a healthy goal weight for you. There’s also a chart of obesity rates in the US for comparing which states have the greatest problem.
  • Sprinkled throughout the book are success stories of Powell’s clients who lost weight and developed an ongoing personal fitness practice. Their stories can help motivate you to keep working on your own success.

Is Chris Powell’s “Choose To Lose” Your Answer To Weight Loss? Part 1

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Is Chris Powell’s “Choose To Lose” Your Answer To Weight Loss?

Review: Chris Powell – Choose to Lose “The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution” Part 1

Enjoy the weight loss quotes…:)
when we want change quote

When you need to lose a few pounds – or many pounds – the carb cycle program presented in “Choose to Lose “by Chris Powell approaches weight loss in a way that still allows you to fit in your favorite foods. Responsibly, of course, as you’re still held accountable for your choices.

Christ Powell
is the trainer from Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. If you’ve watched this show you know that he helps people who are morbidly obese to reclaim their bodies and their health.

Reaching A Healthy Weight Starts By Taking Care Of Your Body:

What you see on TV is hours of exercise every day and careful dieting. But “Choose to Lose”, is designed for us. People with a busy life, who can’t devote their entire day to a strict weight loss regimen. Read more

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Add Onion To Chocolate And Your Friends Will Want You To Try It…

Kick Your Chocolate Habit For Good

onion and cheese chocolate bar

Onion Chocolate and Cheese?

If you are a chocoholic the newest chocolate craze might just want you kick the habit. Instead of nuts and raisins, a chocolate maker added onions and cheese for taste.

I’m not sure what the Irish company had in mind when mixing onion and cheese with chocolate. Anyway, It definitely can turn out to be the next best thing in DIET food. Naturally turning off the chocolatey sweet craving beast that’s deeply hidden within the hypothalamus of our brain. Read more

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Run Out Of Comfort Foods? Forget Feeling Blue…

Better Alternatives To Comfort Foods

mom is feeding small son

PIN Me:) Mom is feeding her small son

We’ve all done it at one time, turning to foods for comfort, hoping to bandage the hurt or a nagging problem. No matter if craving a chocolate cookie or the meaty heavenly spices of a crunchy Mexican Taco, all feels better for us, at least for a little while. But we can fool the brain only for long and what’s leaving us with is a period of sadness, of feeling blue again.

Cranking Up The Mood Meter from Low To Wonderful

Although, seeking clarity to a problem for a situation we find ourselves in is really the only solution that empowers us. To make sense of things and respond to them accordingly. Even cranking the mood meter from low to wonderful. For accessing feelings and for solving problems we need not a full stomach but rather a clear mind. Let’s find some ideas on how to do this.

This can’t be generalized. So, I give you some examples on how I deal with a cluttered mind when feeling blue:
Read more

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